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by MichelleMika, May. 07, 2014

Just got home after calling 911 from this place.
Had 4 cop cars and half a dozen officers to help me.

At 4pm today, I had an appt to come see this acupuncturist. (First time appt, drive by)
The minute I walked in, she insisted I buy this "feet sweat machine" that cost $199 since I was having pain.  She said it would help on days I couldn't come see her.
I told her I was there to just get a session and that I wasn't there to buy a machine.
She then told me she had a special today, and that I was in luck, usually her cost is $130 a session but today's special was $65, so I was missing out on a very good price on the machine as well.
She led me in to a room and told me to change in to a gown in a very hostile and abrupt way. I sensed she was not happy with me that I was not going to buy the machine.
Before saying a word, she started to put the needles in me.  The one on the top of my feet hurt so bad, I told her it hurt.  She yelled, "no pain, no gain!" At that point I was scared to move.  She started to put these suction cups and said, it was on the house, no charge. And again brought up the fact that I was missing out on buying the machine. I asked her if the cups hurt, she started laughing, saying why would I complain, if it's free and that I'm not going to have to pay for it. I couldn't understand most of what she was saying with the broken English.

By this time, I'm scared that I've got a dozen or so needles in me and cups on me that I didn't want to move. She left me in there for about 45 minutes.  I was so scared to move. I was terrified. Like I was in a nightmare horror movie. I had needles in me and couldn't move.
After the session, I was so ready to pay and leave and she insisted I sit down and talk to her about the herbs I should buy.  Told her I was already taking herbs and I didn't need any. She started asking what doctor I bought the herbs from. I told her it was from a store, not a doctor and she started yelling saying, that I was going to die from a stroke because my whole right side of the body was bad and how dare I buy herbs from a store without seeing a doctor and not from her. She kept asking what doctor and I kept repeating that it was a store in Marina Del Rey a dozen times and still she kept asking what city? She didn't understand that Marina Del Rey was a city.  She went on her iPhone and said I was lying because there was no doctor by the name of Marina Del Rey. She kept asking how far this doctor was from my house and that she was closer to me. OMG! She kept saying I was "stupid" for driving so far to buy herbs from a doctor I never saw and not from her. Crazy. I kept telling her it was a store and not a doctor.

I asked her how she came to the conclusion why my whole right side of my body was bad and she flipped out saying I had no right to question her since I didn't go to school like she did and she had many years of experience.  She told me my circulation was bad and I asked her what I should do about it. All along I'm thinking, how can I get out of here. She laughed and drew me a picture of my anatomy and said, my kidneys were bad, my liver was bad, and my heart was really bad and that there was hardly any blood pumping out of my heart. Oh and that I'm going to have a stroke! But it will be too late since I didn't buy that machine from her. OMG!

I took out $65, gave it to her, grabbed my information that I had filled out told her I was out of there and she made me feel uncomfortable. She went crazy, yelling, ran to the door and locked me in!!! Yes!! She locked me in!! She started screaming that my information was her property now. And to give it back to her. I grabbed my phone and dialed 911. The dispatcher stayed on the phone with me till sheriffs arrived.  Meanwhile she's yelling, screaming and shaking. She was so angry. I was terrified. I thought she was going to kill me. Yelling in a different language I didn't understand. I ran to the door when the sheriffs came.  5 minutes felt like forever.
The sheriffs questioned her and pulled me aside and said, she's nuts. I could hear her yelling. I should call the health dept, the license bureau and wherever else so they can keep a close eye on her they said.
Please, I never go on yelp. This was scary. I think everyone should know about her and this place. It was scary.
I'm still shaking writing this.
Doctor's name is Jing Shu Zheng located on 25507 Narbonne in Lomita, CA. 90717

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