Joanne Zimmerman, PHD

Name:Joanne Zimmerman
Specialty:Clinical Neuropsychologist
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Location:43 Albion St
Denver, CO 80220
Phone: 303-832-4411
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I feel violated.
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by violatedbyzimmerman, Jun. 19, 2015

Dr. Zimmerman was clearly inebriated today. She was slurring her speech throughout our discussion. Up until today, my experience her has been good. Except that my first session, there was a plumber working in the house during my session. She’s almost another person when she drinks. She tried to excuse the slurring of her speech saying, “I know I’m not pronouncing my words properly today, I’ve had a hoarse throat.” She regularly forgets information about me, people close to me, and even what time of day I work. She spent all day today trying to convince me that I need to “help her understand” why I was “gullible enough to accept a promotion at work”.

When I got there, she was sitting on the front steps of her house and she said, “Why’d you park way back there?” I was startled by her sitting on her steps and didn’t know how to answer. I had been waiting in my car until it was time for my appointment. I told her that I felt strange that she was not getting reimbursed by medicaid for our sessions. She said that she was planning to have me remove dead bunnies that her neighbors had poisoned from her back yard to pay for the session, but her friend had done it for her, so I didn’t have to. She kept interrupting with her own personal stories and sharing how upset she was about the bunnies. She kept saying, “I need to fire my billing girl”, who apparently ripped her off for $100k, but she keeps her because “She brings treats for my dog”. She told me I should call medicaid and ask why they’re not paying her, so I did. They said she should be the one to contact them. She mentioned something else about owing patients money at one point too, and she regularly complains about how poor she is.

She seems to have some issues with professional boundaries and counter-transference. At one point today, she told me that I am "good looking". She hypothetically discussed offering me $100,000 to help her with her cabin in the woods. She made inaccurate and abusive accusations about my personality and my employer that completely contradicted statements she had made previously regarding me, people close to me, and my employer. She said I, “have confidence, but low self-esteem” and kept asking me why. I was puzzled and uncomfortable, then eventually told her I’d think about whether it’d be worth my time to continue sessions with her and I left. I won’t be back.

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