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by UmmChotu, Apr. 07, 2011

I would not recommend Ms. Gandhi as a nutritional consultant.  I was ordered to see her by my OBGYN when my sugar tests showed had a borderline case of gestational diabetes.  She lacks the bedside manner and professionalism one expects from health professionals in this country. For example, I was so worried about having GD and rather than reassuring me that we could work through it together, she made me feel guilty and acted very alarmed at my slightly higher than normal results.  She claimed to be very concerned about my weight, even though I had gained less than the average amount, and OBYGN at the MFM Unit at St. Peter's told me I was "extremely thin" for a pregnant woman and I should disregard Gandhi's advice.  Gandhi said my pre-pregnancy weight of 110 pounds (I'm 5 foot 2 inches) was overweight so I should be extra careful.  She kept asking me to make more appointments to see her on the pretext of "checking my weight," even though all my sugar numbers were low or below normal.  Because of her comments about my weight, I became obsessively careful about what I ate, end ended up gaining only 20 pounds in my pregnancy, feeling weak and light-headed, and having low blood sugar levels.  I actually lost weight during my 3rd trimester, which alarmed my OBGYN. I believe my restricted calorie intake led to my initial difficulties with low milk supply.  I would not suggest her to any woman with gestational diabetes or any woman who is concerned with having a healthy diet, body, or body image.

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