Karen Kraft Pennebaker, MSW

Name:Karen Kraft Pennebaker
Specialty:Social Worker—Clinical
Review:1 client review
Location:3131 W Alabama St
Suite 530
Houston, TX 77098
Phone: 713-877-1114
Fax: 713-877-1117

Client Review:

1 client review of Karen Kraft Pennebaker scored 1 out of 5.

blast from the past
Overall Rating
Knowledge & Experience
by EM8888, Oct. 29, 2018

I met Karen Pennebaker Kraft, 27 years ago in Houston. I was suffering from post-partum depression at the time and she was counseling me. My depression was clinical and I became psychotic and tried to take my life. My attempt was extremely serious but I survived. Mrs. Pennebaker Kraft misdiagnosed me and did not take the precautions she should have. She didn’t recommend that I see a psychiatrist, eventhough her father was in the same practice. To cover up for her mistakes, after I came out of the hospital, she did something that violated the patient therapist confidentiality. She shared with my in laws and husband at the time something very personal that I had confided in her. She had no right to do that. She just wanted to cover her back and she was afraid of a law suit. What she shared caused great problems to me and my family and eventually affected my marriage which led to divorce. I left the states and and continued with my life but I never forgot what she did. I had buried her name and everything related to that incident. Years later being back in therapy her name came back to me. I wish I would have done something back then.  I was very young though and dealing with health issues. I just hope that maybe she learned from my case and didn’t continue to mess up people’s lives.

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