Kelli Elizabeth Schidler, Review

Kelli Elizabeth Schidler, Review

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by NunyaBidness, Jul. 20, 2019

Is very good at validating feelings, but helping you come up with solutions is something she struggles with.

I would have given her three stars, except of the disaster of an appointment then ended up being our last.  I invited a family member to come in and discuss something very important to me. They and Kelli both agreed.

During the meeting, my family member kept trying to pivot the meeting to something completely irrelevant to the topic I was there to discuss, and something I wasn’t prepared to talk about at all.

Kelli, whose care I was in at the time, completely disregarded my wishes and let my family member control that meeting. When I asked Kelli to either stop this conversation or  get my family member out of the room, Kelli did nothing.

I was ran out of my own therapy appointment because Kelli didn’t stand up for me when I told her that the topic of discussion that I got blindsided with isn’t something I’m prepared or capable of handling right then. When I got frustrated because no one was listening to me and I demand she do something, she screamed at me.

I left her office having a panic attack. She never bothered to contact me after that to make a follow up appointment or even see if I was OK after leaving her office crying uncontrollably.

When I told two other licensed psychologists what happened in that meeting, they were both shocked that not only did Kelli not do anything to protect her patient and put me through that, but she actively participated in making the situation worse for me by completely disregarding my multiple, very direct requests to stop the conversation.

That was without a doubt the worst appointment with any doctor I’ve ever had, and jump started a traumatic event that I am now seeing another therapist to try and resolve.

She’s a nice lady, but she has no idea what she’s doing. Steer clear and give your money to someone who truly has your best interest at heart, because it’s not her.

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