Kellie A Payne, LPCC LLCDC LSW

Name:Kellie A Payne
Specialty:Social Worker
Review:2 client reviews
Location:2770 Centennial Rd
Toledo, OH 43617
Phone: 419-794-0567
Fax: 419-794-0569

Client Review:

2 client reviews of Kellie A Payne scored 1 out of 5.

Average therapist attempting to treat complex cases
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by magicled, May. 19, 2016

Kellie Payne caught a diagnosis of mine that other doctors missed. I will give her credit for this.

However, I found Kellie Payne's treatment of me to be, at best, deficient - and at worst, actively harmful. She often berated me in our sessions for using marijuana, telling me I was going to: 1. ruin my life, 2. develop schizophrenia, and 3. make myself less intelligent. I am a researcher by trade, and have read the research on marijuana - all three of these claims are false. Marijuana does not lower one's IQ if it is started after the age of 18; marijuana can only hasten the onset of schizophrenia if you were already going to develop the condition. I medically use marijuana for PTSD, which is something that marijuana has been studied and found to be beneficial for such a population. Kellie, in general, is bad at understanding how to interpret scientific findings. Her reprimanding me for using marijuana is judgmental, which is unprofessional because counselors (regardless of their feelings on the medical value of marijuana) are supposed to be trained to be nonjudgmental and safe.

I found that Kellie often overreacted to normal situations. I mentioned to her that I embarrassed myself by saying something my boss did was adorable, and she freaked out about how that could be misinterpreted. She also talked about how the way I dressed could give men the "wrong idea" and could lead to me being victimized. Anyone who is aware of the concept of "victim blaming" knows how bad it is to say this to someone. I have multiple personalities due to childhood abuse, and one of my personalities was convinced by my therapist that my boyfriend was dangerous and that personality caused a lot of problems for me in my relationship due to Kellie's inappropriate therapeutic technique. Had that personality gone through with leaving my boyfriend like my therapist wanted, I would be homeless and without a support network entirely right now. My boyfriend isn't physically, verbally, or sexually abusive at all, and her concern was unwarranted (meanwhile, she had told me she really liked my previous boyfriend who used to beat me.)

I often felt coerced into agreeing with and modifying my behavior in the way Kellie saw fit, including briefly quitting marijuana. Within three weeks of ceasing marijuana usage, my flashbacks and PTSD intrusions became so bad that I attempted suicide. Kellie browbeat me so much about the marijuana issue that I resorted to lying to her about my drug use (something I had NEVER felt the need to do before) and I felt very much like I was an out of control addict (because she was telling me that every session) until I got a second opinion from a therapist who used to manage a drug rehabilitation center - who concurred that my use was medicinal. I think he knows a little better than her!

The other review left here, in my opinion, is an accurate reflection of Kellie.

The office staff and the psychiatrist she worked with were much better, though. Kellie was chronically late to her appointments.

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Got worse over the course of treatment
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by iWasAwesomeOnce, May. 03, 2015

I got worse over the course of "treatment" from Kellie Payne Schramm.  Her constant criticism and hurtful language was not helpful.  She encouraged me to break contact with my existing circle of friends ("using friends") which ultimately hurt my social and love life.  I wish I could go back in time and pick a different counselor!  

She launched baseless accusations.  For example, when I mentioned that over the weekend I had fixed my sneakers using Shoe Goo, she accused me of huffing glue.  

She used a lot of concepts that she picked up from rumour and pop-psyhology trends and repeated it as though it were scientific fact.  She told me that closing a door too loudly is the first step leading to domestic abuse.  She cut me off, mid-sentence, anytime I used the word "should."

When I mentioned that I was getting the opinion of other mental health specialists, she became upset with me and tried to prevent it.  

I did and said whatever she wanted in order to get her to stop criticizing me, but I became weaker and unable to make decisions for myself.  

I do not recommend Kellie Payne Schramm.  I recommend a counselor who spends more time listening and makes gentle suggestions, not someone who coerces you into the behavior she wants.

Looking back, I blame myself for not knowing better.  What can I do?  People aren't perfect, but when you depend on them for your mental health, it's important that they don't do more harm than good.  I was dumb to know any better so I’ll take the blame.  

If you’re reading this, learn from my mistake.

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by magicled 2016-05-19 11:35:32
Thank you. This review helped validate my feelings about Kellie. I felt like I was being too judgmental. I had a very similar experience.

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