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by EPMX, Sep. 01, 2010

Dr. Laidler Rea is a crook.

I suffered back and neck injuries from a car accident in June of 2006. Between June 2006 and July 2007, I received approximately $2100 worth of treatment---which I concede was very satisfactory and exceeded expectations---from Dr. Rea. Later, I found out that my secretary had submitted payments (working with my primary and secondary healthcare insurance companies) to Dr. Rea's office that totaled $3300. As a result, Dr. Rea's office received over $3300 for $2100 worth of treatment, or $1200 of "extra" money. Neither Dr. Rea nor her accountant, Dawn, uttered a word about the overpayment---happily pocketing the dough for services they did NOT render.

No surprise there, I would be amiss to have any reasonable expectation of honesty and integrity from crooks.

What surprised me was that when I confronted Dr. Rea's office about the overpayment in July 2007, Dr. Rea and Dawn gave me the run-around. They first denied overpayment, claiming that the services rendered were indeed worth $3300. When I provided evidence of separate checks being issued for the same bill, they requested time to review their records. After that, they tried to impute fault to my secretary and my health insurance companies (Dr. Rea's logic was that  their "negligent" overpayment meant that I did not deserve a refund of my money). Once I threatened to take them to small claims court, of course, my calls and emails were never answered again.

The unfortunate ending to this story is that the $1200 in overpayment remains with Dr. Rea's office to this day. I never filed a complaint against these crooks, because my upside was capped at $1200 and dealing with a lawsuit required energy and a tolerance for tedium that was not worth the money to me.

The silver lining is that I now may rightfully call chiropractor Laidler Rea, her accountant, Dawn, and her office out on Yelp and anywhere else user reviews are allowed. Laidler Rea cares more about $1200 than her reputation, her client, and karma combined. Stay away from  her and her crooked business practices.

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