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Name:Lee G Hockman
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Should not be practicing - should have his license revoked
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by Matilda, Sep. 12, 2015

My ex-husband and I had some issues that could not be resolved through mediation.  As a result, my husband’s attorney recommended the firm of Katz & Loizeaux to resolve the dispute via a PRE (Parental Review Evaluation).  Lee Hockman (who is employed by Katz & Loizeaux) was available (he didn’t seem to have a very active calendar) and agreed to write the PRE.  From the outset, ‘Dr.’ Hockman seemed very interested in my finances and was persistent in inquiring how much I would receive from the sale of our house after settling with my husband.  Soon, I understood Lee’s interest as he asked for (extorted) $30,000.00 cash in return for a PRE report that would be favorable to me (as opposed to my ex-husband).  When it became clear that I would not be able to provide the cash to Hockman, he asked that I perform sexual favors for him.  Though I would do just about anything (legal and ethical) to stay involved in my child’s life, I could not bring myself to perform sex acts for this sick, nasty little man.

Because I did not comply with Hockman’s requests, he wrote a one-sided, false, and biased report.  As a result Hockman’s recommendations, I went from 70/30 parenting time (I had 70% parenting time of my child) to only bi-monthly supervised visits with my daughter that I must pay for (at nearly $200.00 per visit).  My ex-husband, who is an alcoholic and has substance abuse issues now has sole custody and decision making as recommended by Hockman.

As part of our divorce settlement I was able to obtain my ex-husband’s financial records.  I now know that my ex-husband withdrew large sums of cash (totaling $30,000.00) around the time that the PRE was submitted.  I feel that my husband bribed Hockman to get a report that was favorable to him.

I wish that I’d performed more research into the practices of Katz & Loizeaux.  The previous reviews are spot-on in describing the actions of Hockman.  Now, I only have contact with my daughter through supervised visits with another ‘therapist’ who was recommended by Hockman.  Hockman, along with the other ‘therapists’ at Katz & Loizeaux work with quite a few members of the ‘mental health community’ whose only interests are to generate as many billable hours as possible for their respective practices.  I doubt that I will ever again have any sort of relationship with my daughter.

Think twice before selecting Hockman or any employee of Katz & Loizeaux as a therapist, CFI or PRE.  

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Stay away!
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by Justme123, May. 09, 2013

Dr. Hockman serves as a therapist and provides parental reviews and family evaluations.  He works (in part) for Katz & Loizeaux.  You might be advised to speak with other parents who have used the services of Katz & Loizeaux in the past before choosing a therapist.  The firm is firmly aligned with particular attorneys and law firms who represent clients in custody or divorce cases.  The alignment of attorneys with Katz & Loizeaux and favors that may be offered during the course of your evaluation might be the determining factor in how your case is presented to the court by Dr. Hockman.  I found Dr. Hockman to be biased, incompetent, unethical, smug and condescending in his report findings.  He has caused irreparable harm to my children and our family.  Upon peer review, Dr. Hockman’s report was found to be biased and faulty.  If you have already chosen Dr. Hockman as a therapist, you might consider recording your conversations should there be any disagreement (in court) about what transpires during meetings with Dr. Hockman.  There are many fine therapists specializing in family therapy working in Denver and Dr. Hockman is not amongst them.

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