Lydia Guerrero II

Name:Lydia Guerrero II
Specialty:Social Worker
Review:1 client review
Location:11201 Benton Streeet
Loma Linda, CA 92357
Phone: 909-825-7084
Fax: 909-777-3226

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Not to be trusted, Government Employee gone bad
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by bb9122, Dec. 31, 2010

She uses fear, intimidation in her power struggle with patient. Lydia always comes first, she actually considers the Veterans she treats as a necessary evil she has to put up with to get a pay check. She is also a defendant in a lawsuit filed against her in Sept 2007! (Doc# 5:2007cv01265)for her work at the Loma Linda VA !  
Look it up, I'm not lying.  

She is manipulative, vindictive and demonstrative to her patients. This appears to give her pleasure as she feels   superior over them. As a patient of her, you do not feel safe or comfortable and you do not in anyway feel she has your best interest at heart. She Follows the letter of the regulations only when she has to and complains to the patient that she is over work!, There has been at least 1 congressional complaint filed and several complainants have still filed others. This patient has found that she has a reputation at the VA of being cruel and demonstrative to the poor veterans that are forced to have her as a social worker. She would make a better prison guard. She is more then willing and able to sacrifice a patient to get what she demands. Overall not a nice Lady and always has a hidden agenda. FYI, She treats The Veteran with little respect in private, but in public she acts like a angel in public, behind closed doors she mocks her patients issue. In my opinion the Social worker is a individual that can NOT be trusted.

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by bb9122 2010-12-31 04:58:26
To be fair, maybe she is over worked and under paid. But she still has no right to treat American Veterans who put their lives on the line, with such contempt. But of coarse one has to love this country enough to put ones life on the line for. As a Veteran, I would expect to be treated with respect for what I gave for all our freedoms. She didn't sacrifice the blood and their health so she could have a job that our tax dollars pay for. Just my feelings anyway.

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