Mario Brodeur-Fossa, LICSW

Name:Mario Brodeur-Fossa
Specialty:Social Worker—Clinical
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Location:3 12th St
Berlin, NH 03570
Phone: 603-752-7404
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by searching1967, Apr. 10, 2012

Though Mario Brodeur-Fossa seems to be very educated and does well in running NHS. I seem to think he forgets the important rold of counseling/therapy. His heart is not in that part of his job discription.  Myself, I think there is room for every one to search with in, and change. I'm told in many of sessions/DBT it's not a black or white thing, a would of, could of, should of, no one is to blame. In my experience thus far with Mario Brodeur-Fossa, he lacks these skills in his counseling as a therapist. And you can not expect patients to listen, learn, gain skills and move on, if he does not display these himself. I have been going there for fourt to five years, and I still have yet to make progress in my threatment. I feel I am at the same place some times I wonder if not worse. And it is hard to find other therapist in NHS to see, as Mario is the head of the place. He controls every thing there. so any thing a patient/client  would like done, has to be approved by Mario. I feel that after four or five years of therapy and the only really and only good thing that happened during my years there is being told about DBT group/individual.  There is a problem some where in NHS or the mental health system all togehter. A PATIENT SHOULD NOT BE MADE OR FEEL ASHAMED, EMBARRASSED, BLAMED, AT FAULT, SCARED, TOLD THAT THEIR FEELINGS ARE JUST FEELING AND EMOTIONS, THAT FEELINGS AND EMOTIONS ARE JUST THAT AND SOME TIMES NOT CORRECT, OR BASED ON FEELINGS AND EMOTIONS, OR IT WOULD BE NICE TO UNDERSTAND WHAT YOUR THERAPIST/COUNSELER/PHYIATRIST IS ACTUALLY SAYING, THEY COME DOWN TO EARTH AND USE WORDS THAT CAN BE UNDERSTOOD. NHS ALL STAFF CAN MAKE MISTAKES, CAN SAY THINGS WRONG AND CAN SAY AND DO HURTFULL THINGS JUST LIKE ANY ONE ELSE, AND THEY NEED TO LOOK AT THAT/BE AWARE AND BE STRONG ENOUGH TO ADMIT IT.   There was an issue in Group DBT, I can admit my reaction to what happened may not have been effective. And how the situation was handled before and after by Mario Brodeur-Fosser and certain staff at NHS could have been handled better. AND YET THE SITUATION ON NHS PART WAS NOT HANDLED THE BEST, THE PEOPLE INVOLED DO NOT/AND WILL NEVER OWN UP TO THEIR WRONG/MISTAKES OR WHAT LEAD UP TO THE INCIDENT, AND LEAVE ME TO BLAME, ALL THE FAULT IS MINE, IT'S JUST MY ATTITUDE, ME THAT NEEDS TO CHANGE, GOODNESS NOT MARIO OR NHS HAS TO CHANGE, NO MARIO AND NHS IS PERFECT!!!!!!!  AND AGAIN I AM LEFT TO BLAME, I'M AT FAULT, FOR THE WHOLE THING, I AM THE ONE SUFFERING, IN PAIN, HURT. AND THEY DENY ANY WRONGS THEY HAD IN THAT SITUATION, AND HAVE DONE OR SAID ANY THING TO RESOLVE THE ISSUE. PART OF THERAPY/COUNSELING, A PATIENT SHOULD NOT FEEL CRAPPY ABOUT THEMSELVES OR AS THOUGH THEY ARE TO BLAME OR AT FAULT FOR EVERY THING, AND SHOULD HAVE MADE SOME KIND OF STEP FORWARD IN TREATMENT. MAYBE MARIO BRODEUR-FOSTER WILL INNER SEARCH HIMSELF, COME DOWN TO EARTH AND REALIZE HE MAKES MISTAKES LIKE EVERY ONE ELSE, AND THERES ROOM FOR IMPROVEMENT FOR HIMSELF ALSO.

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