Marlene Klarborg Larsen, M.S.

Name:Marlene Klarborg Larsen
Specialty:Counselor—Individual counseling
Marriage & Family Therapist—Couples and Family Counseling
Other Specialties—Divorce, Toxic Relationships, Dealing with ex'es, Co-Parenting
Location:5020 Campus Drive
Newport Beach, CA 92660
Phone: 949-287-3415
"...It ended on a high note as the late night arguments became a reality. The parody of a once so "wonderful" relationship...  What was overhead in our relationship? Saying goodbye to a relationship, the past, the experience - even the conflicts.  There is only chaos left - a void - silence.
The near future seems very difficult, scary and anxiety provoking - my security. How do I go to work. How do I face my family. I am so afraid of feeling alone, abandoned and vulnerable. It is hard to be happy, because everything seems so sad.
What do I do. I have tried talking to people to get through the rough days. How do I find myself again - my identity, the strength, the willingness and the courage to move on. This is a new beginning but it still hurts..."

I know it can seem shameful seeking help. Don't delay until there is a crisis. If talking to friends or family has not helped, it's time to call a counselor. Don't wait one more day. I would be honored to help. The hardest part is calling me. Ask for "Mar-lei-na".
Language:English, Danish, Norwegian, Swedish and German

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