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Name:Melissa Angiel
Specialty:Clinical Neuropsychologist
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Location:84a Park Pl
East Hampton, NY 11937
Phone: 631-560-3686
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Needs Minimum Wage Workers To Teach Her The Basics
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by JK007, May. 10, 2014

Her appointment cards have a phone number that leads to an answering machine with her voice on it but which is always full.  She told me I called the wrong number.  I told her to at least say in the outgoing message what the right number is.  She also has a new phone she keeps complaining she doesn't know how to use.  Pay some poor minimum wage slob to teach you, doctor!  The 3rd time I went to see her her name was no longer on the intercom and none of the other doctors who rent cubicles in the suite of offices had ever heard of her.  Truth is, I hoped she had been an illusion since it was pay day and I would save all that money.  **Referred me to a supposedly excellent, wolrd renowned doctor who would diagnose my tbi precisely and knew people to send me to for life-changing treatment.  But the first phone number she gave me was wrong, as was the second phone number also.  The only way I got the right one was by looking it up myself.  Based on her supposed credentials and the fee I was paying, I expected much more.  But at least she has a sliding fee schedule (which still puts her out of reach of all but the very wealhy) and when we agreed on a fee, she was sure to tell me it was the lowest she had ever charged, which of course made me feel like a burden.

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by JLK104 2014-05-15 21:00:20
*****I wrote the above review while I was in a terrible mood.  Please ignore it!  The truth is I have absolutely no complaints about Dr. Angiel.  In fact after 30 years of fruitless searching, she saw my problems for what they were: the inter-action of neurology and psychology and referred me to a team of doctors not only for a thorough, definitive evaluation of me a whole person but also who know who to send me to afterwards for what will very likely an effective, multi-disciplinary course of treatment.  I have nothing but admiration and thanks for Dr. Angiel and recommend her highly.

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