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by ph9894, Jul. 15, 2010

Melissa J. Oloff has been instrumental in opening my eyes to different ways of looking at the issue that permeated my daily life. through regular sections she helped to push me in to looking at things in ways that i had not or didn't really know  how. Melissa helped assure me that i was struggling with issues that were sensitive to me as well as was very encouraging when i would begin a new look at things.

the beginning i only wanted a way not to live so miserably, till i have come to where i am now. although my physical life my not have changed too much ie the job the home and the monies in my pocket. what has happened is i was given a way to really make some sustainable differences in my life and the way i feel about things. the way i feel about the things in my life and the things that happen, these things have changed. life is still hard and sometimes things are bad, but thats OK, now the proverbial light at the end is a little clear and the feelings that i could do without do not dictate my actions any more   

Melissa will be very missed and not soon forgotten.
Thank you Melissa

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