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by Linda54, Oct. 18, 2017

My husband and I came see Ms. Peck for marriage counseling, not knowing anything about this counselor. Our first visit was not that bad. In fact, it was hopeful. However, our second marriage counseling visit was disastrous. I am not sure if Ms. Peck was having a bad day or what, but it was terrible and it may just cost me my marriage.

I arranged counseling after my husband lost three jobs within 2.5 years, and each job loss was due to insubordination where he had extreme anger issues and would get up in his boss's face and yell and scream and then he would be unemployed for months on end.

After this last job loss, it left a very bad space in between us and we were basically not speaking to the other. I wanted to give this marriage a chance because we both have invested 7.5 years altogether with each other and we each have been divorced twice.

It started going downhill when my husband took out almost $9,000 and transferred the money to another bank and opened a separate account in his name only (savings) and I brought this up to Ms. Peck. He brought my son's bank account statement to the session. My son is 35 and pays room and board and also half the food here and the cable bill and many other things. My son is entitled to have his own money after that to do what he wants.

My husband said he took that money out because he did not trust me and felt it was wrong that my son had his own account. He said that it was my son coming between our marriage because he was disruptive, etc.

Ms. Peck seemed to zero in on this. My son is not disruptive and he has rights, just because he is disabled. She just kept asking when are you all going to look at apartments? She would not let me talk about why it was wrong for my husband to remove the money from our account but why it was totally wrong that I cussed my husband out and said some things, which I said in anger but apologized for afterwards. She kept zeroing in on that and made it look like I am the one who is totally at fault. I don't drink, do drugs, smoke, and I am very prudent with money. I have been abused by my husband both emotionally and financially, but Ms. Peck did not give us equal time to talk. I had to actually walk out of the session because Ms. Peck was saying things like, "Speak up. I cannot hear you." "You are trying to control your husband," just because I wanted him to put back a little of the money that he had taken out of our savings for us to live on and I am disabled. I knew she was in the wrong and I knew she was violating my rights as a person and making me feel like that my son had no rights just because he is disabled.

When I got up to leave Ms. Peck raised her voice at me and said, "I'm trying to save your marriage here," and was treating me like I was a child. She did not give us equal time to talk and she didn't seem to really realize that it is not okay to steal money out of an account.

I feel that Melissa Peck made our marriage worse. Now, my husband feels totally right about taking the money out and says the marriage counselor didn't trust you either and you are vicious. I know that I am not. I just don't like being mistreated and I know I am a good person. I have never taken out money from out account foolishly. I am extremely prudent in how I live. There was no justification or any reason why my husband took that money out but now, my husband feels vindicated because Ms. Peck endorsed that as being okay. It is not okay and I filed a complaint against her and I want others to know that this is how Ms. Peck views things. I am a Christian, but I do not believe a wife has to be treated as a doormat or submissive or a slave just because she has a disability.

Basically to sum all of this up, I do not think Melissa Peck is a good counselor and I think she misread me and did not give me a chance to speak. I may be soft spoken and introverted but I know right from wrong, and I do not feel Melissa Peck treated me right or gave me the time to express what I thought was wrong in our marriage. She kept interrupting me and let me husband do most of the talking. That's not right. I will either find another marriage counselor that will give us both equal time to speak or I will seek individual counseling, but I think that Ms. Peck is a terrible counselor and she has done more damage than good in this marriage.

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