Dr. Michael C White, DC

Name:Michael C White
Physical Therapist
Massage Therapist
Location:2050 NE 163rd street
2nd floor
North Miami Beach, FL 33162
Phone: 855-954-2273
Accident Pain? Let me help you on your recovery to health...call 1-855-954-2273 if you have been injured in an automobile accident, slip and fall, or injured at work. I can help get you the Chiropractic care and physical therapy that you are entitled to. By law, all insured drivers have medical PIP coverage as part of their policy covering diagnosis and treatment of injuries that happened from your accident. This coverage pays auto accident injuries to chiropractors for services of necessary medical treatment up to your policy limit, regardless of who is at fault. At either of our South Florida office locations (N. Miami Beach or Fort Lauderdale) we can treat whiplash injuries, soft tissue injuries, sprains, strains, or even chronic long term conditions. Chiropractic is the profession in which focuses on the correction of spinal misalignments, also known as subluxations. Subluxation may be caused by auto accidents, falls, sports injuries, trauma, or even sleeping wrong. By performing the chiropractic adjustment we focus on realigning the spine to allow the body to function at 100%. We also use modalities such as electric muscle stimulation, ultrasound, mechanical traction, as well as massage therapy at our offices to help improve the healing process in our patients. If you have any questions contact us at 1-855-954-2273 so we may schedule you an appointment today.
Other Location:
Call me at 1-855-954-2273 so I can schedule you an appointment at either of our South Florida office locations (N. Miami Beach or Fort Lauderdale)

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