Michael James Carrier, DPT, CSCS

Name:Michael James Carrier
Specialty:Physical Therapist
Review:1 client review
Location:944 Calef Hwy
Barrington, NH 03825
Phone: 603-664-0100
Fax: 603-664-0101

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Good PT but Has One Flaw
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by Slashyboy, Jul. 23, 2011

I saw Michael Carrier as my physical therapist for seven months.  It started in December, 2010.  

I have been to two other physical therapy clinics.  One of the advantages of seeing Michael was, his sessions were one-on-one, unlike other PT clinics that are usually exercise mills.  I have known only one other company in Boston who does one-on-one physical therapy sessions.  In other PT clinics, you only get the PT for about ten minutes and the rest of the sessions are covered by an exercise trainer, not by the PT.  

Mike is a very skilled and gifted therapist. On my first appointment, he spent his time analyzing my problems and was able to assess my main concerns. He was a good problem-solver. After an evaluation, he develops a personalized program that would maximize conditioning, healing, strength and mobility.

He used a combination of different modes of treatment, so he would be able to maximize the results of our sessions. His sessions were composed of manual therapies, therapeutic exercises and modality therapies (e-stim, ultrasound, etc).

However, he seems to favor modality forms of therapies rather than hands-on.  Some prefers them.  I do not like them that much because sometimes, those therapies, especially ultrasound, just numb the pain.  They do not necessarily made my injury heal faster or more permanent.

The Flaw:

If there is one thing that I would like him to change is, I would like him to be frank.  He does not like to hurt people's feelings.  Hence, he would say things that would make you feel good most of the time, even if he does not mean them.  Because of this behavior, he would often go overboard by making promises that he does not intend to keep.  For some people, that would be okay but it is a pet peeve of mine.  Although his intentions are well-meant, I cannot help thinking that, sometimes, he is not an honest or truthful person and they make me doubt everything that he had told me in the past.

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