Michele Suzanne Koonin, LCSW

Name:Michele Suzanne Koonin
Specialty:Social Worker—Clinical
Review:1 client review
Location:2725 Congress St
Suite 2c
San Diego, CA 92110
Phone: 619-688-1035
Fax: 619-688-1098

Client Review:

1 client review of Michele Suzanne Koonin scored 1 out of 5.

Unwelcomed return call
Overall Rating
by mflippo84, Mar. 22, 2013

The following review is not on Koonin directly but the gentleman that returned my call.
I called to make an appointment and left a message for a return call.  I would have been a new patient; I am new to the area.  My phone rang and I didn't know the number I answered and this was the conversation that followed:

Me: Hello
Man Unknown: Yeah, what can I help you with?
Me: Umm, who is this?
Man: You called and left a message saying you needed an appointment. For what?
Me: You know what? Thank you thought but I have already made arrangements with another provider.
Man: Ok, thanks. Have a good day. (hangs up)

Never introduced himself. I checked the number and it was the number for her office. He was extremely monotone and came across to me personally very sarcastic. It seemed as if it was a bother for him to be returning my call.  I will not be going to this office. Which is unfortunate because the actual therapist could be amazing. This is when knowing your staff is important  as is professionalism and knowing how to keep your personal problems to yourself at work.  When you work in the mental healthcare field, you should be above all else professional and COMPASSIONATE.  Koonin's specialties are phenomenal and I think would have been a good fit. What a disappointment. You know the irony?  I was going to talk to Koonin because in my personal life I felt unimportant and a bother to everyone.  What a welcoming phone call to receive from that gentleman, which made me feel even more like a bother. Very disappointed.

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