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Name:Michelle Sunny
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Pinckney, MI 48169
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Don't Waste Your Time, Fathers
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by LovingFather2, Oct. 01, 2013

I agree with these negative reviews. Michelle Sunny is unprofessional. She does not remember appointments she makes or confirms 10PM the night before via text. She schedules you to come in jointly with the mother and gives the mother almost the entire session then brings the father in to make sure the father pays HALF the fee! So time from work is missed for a 5 minute session. She will let the mother cancel or not show up for appointments but will tell the court that there were no missed appointments. She only responds to the person (usually the mother) with the loudest roar. She will hinder your court case by giving the mother control no matter what the court says. No matter how reasonable you are as a father, she is meek and will make the father jump through hoops because she is scared of the unreasonable, irrational mother. Find someone else, anyone else. And no one recommended by Charlene Kushler, another hack paid for by Livingston County Friend of the Court.

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Concerned Mother
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by BuyerBeware2, Jul. 03, 2012

Ms. Sunny only works 3 days a week, is slow and unresponsive to all requests.  And she charges more than an attorney!  Do NOT waste your precious time and money on this person.  Your children deserve better.

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by Godsgirl 2013-05-06 08:45:46
I have found Ms. Sunny to be compassionate, thoughtful and very helpful.  She has worked diligently to accommodation our work schedules and school schedule for our child.  She listens and actually HEARS what you are concerned about. Her approach to dealing with difficult situations is gauged by the persons ability to deal with challenges. I would recommend Ms. Sunny to anyone who is open to working through the problem.
by LovingFather 2013-05-29 13:28:06
Ms Sunny, when used as a family court mediator, does not tend to make judgements about disagreements. She will only try to find common ground between the two parties. It just depends on how willing & open your ex is to doing what's best for the children & what their true motivation is (bitterness & anger vs. their children). CONS: Favors the mother and likes to use the term "mother bear" to excuse behavior that is both narcissistic and harmful to the child. Beware of what you say, as it might be used against you in family court, no matter the context. Err on the side of letting the looney ex talk their way into a corner - they'll do that if you just sit back & watch.
by Justmy2cents 2013-07-23 12:19:00
Dear LovingFather,
I agree with your commentary regarding Ms Sunny and I will go on to add, she is one sided in her approach.  She favors the mother without taking the time to even discuss the situation with the father.  She will withhold information that will benefit a child’s wellbeing.  Having her involvement in a court case is like adding another obstacle to an already difficult situation.  I do not recommend her as a counselor as she does not teach children skills to work through difficult situations or involve both parents in the counseling process.  I also found Ms. Sunny to be nonresponsive and unprofessional.  There are many other effective and educated professionals in the Livingston County area.

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