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A true story Nan Outopal doesn't want you to read.
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by Wilding, Oct. 14, 2011

I was in therapy with Nan for 2 1/2 years wherein all began very well and I developed extraordinary trust for and with her.  She was supportive and especially appreciative of the talents I had and the absolute honesty I navigate with.  Her support was delightful and I felt that there was real healing involving security and confidence issues.  She made grandiose promises involving my whole family and assured me that she did family councelling but did not council teenagers individually for personal reasons.
After about a year in councelling with her she moved from her quiet, peaceful office into the much expanded practice and business she created called "Healing Options".  Since this occured she has employed several people and the quality of her service changed dramatically.  
This is an important transmission and one that she has gone to extraordinary and certainly illegal means to repress.  I have experienced catastrophic emotional damage and betrayal by Nan. When the truthfulness I brought to the table began to reflect on the operations of her newly high powered and potentially much more lucrative business our therapeutic relationship eroded unrecognizably.  I have since realized that her strong suit is really mothering people and she goes out on limbs to do so that are not legal or within ethical criteria.   But her councelling skills are truly non-existant. She is a great help for people who are cured by spending an hour with a woman who mostly loves flexing her big credentials and using her position to tell sometimes inappropriate jokes, over and over and over, ad nauseum.  She takes her pet patients out for lunches and dinners at local restaurants, drives them around in her fancy personal car, arranges rides and appointments and cuts bureautic red tape like one of the three muskateers.  She is a great cheater and  involves her clients in cheating in order to 'help'. She offered to get my boyfriend on Social Security Disability just to help us financially, he is utterly capable and definitely NOT disabled but this illustrates the acumen she flexes in order to get people qualified for services that she can then render and profit from.  
 I now understand that she is for the most part operating a racket that files people into her dead end office with no real "Options" other than a psychiatrist that by all accounts, absolutly including mine, cannot and will not listen to what a client is saying, so arrogant and elderly is she.  She simply does not listen and turns to Nan to repeat whatever the client tries to say.  She is condescending and ineffective to the point of being hurtful, and that is by the account of many, including myself.  This is when I realized that Nan was no longer operating from a position of integrity, she covered for  Dr. Darden who should absolutely be retured, in order to protect her own financial interests.  She muzzled her most astute client's bad experiences in order to maintain control and her elevated stature and finances.
For a year and a half by Nan's own account, she failed to produce any leads for the treatment we had outlined at the onset of our relationship and repeated our agreed upon intention to "get better meds" as she totally ignored creating any solutions or referrals.  She falsely told me that there were no other options.  She basically ignored the problem and enjoyed my company repeating sad and insensitive jokes more times than I can relate.  It seems she feels that just sitting in her presence ignoring whatever your issues were before she rushed out of the room before the appt. was over, beckoning to follow along as she went to the back area to smoke that needed cig. as I realized that this person who was so dedicated had just totally changed with her newly aquired social power.
Along with the aged psychiatrist are two very young councellors, one straight out of school with a well developed ego and pronounced lack of therapeutic knowledge or real life experience.  Perhaps to present a fresh face, both the "options" she hired, for there are no other options at Healing Options) are very young though most of her clients are into middle age and have lost children, family members and have suffered poverty and mental illness.  So here are these two in their twenties just sitting high and mighty with little to give to people old enough to be their parents.  All in all it was insulting and I found with many years of study and experience that I could not find value in the settings created there as I had received real and effective therapy in another city and I knew better.
My final day with Nan exploded into a rage that I had told her for almost 3 years that was at the bottom of what I was in therapy for.  She had dropped the ball with me on all fronts, admitting so herself.  One of her quotes from this day was, "You've tried every med there is", to which I queried, "Really? Name one"  She named a medication I had never tried.  She was out to lunch and neglegent in every detail involving my case and became smug and offensive when I questioned her. I am certain as others who knew and worked with her that she was not taking notes the whole time we saw her.  Her staff laughed at the 'losers' out front and let choosen special people into the 'off limits' area assuming we were cool enough not to notice how the others were being treated in their absence.  One astute woman I knew called the operation "psycho daycare" and I absolutely agree.  Others I knew agreed with the above assesments.
Though I had an exemplary record with others and her throughout my time with Nan our final explosion illustrated what I had clearly told her about over and over, with her sloughing it off and saying that she understood.  And though this behavior is well within the bounds of my diagnosis and for reasons which were well justified considering her complete assumption ridden neglegence, she has violated my rights of privacy and confidentiality over and over through character assination and condemnation to other clients, her entire staff and other professionals who confided in me out of concern.  Upon our last appointment I specifically told her not to discuss me professionally, privately or personally out of lack of trust for her which I have only partly outlined.
This is how our relationship ended, I yelled at her after being flabergasted by her flippant disregard and lack of accuracy and attention involving my case and she just let me have it with both guns.  We have not spoken since, there was no follow up though she always brags about her phone calls and efforts to reach anyone who drops out.  
The next day I wrote a scathing review about her on the psychology today website with absolute honesty relating my horror at the wasted and deceptive 2 1/2 years I spent trying to get help there and she had my review removed and blocked my ability to utilize the site further.  This was a yahoo site that is international and open to all persons public and private.  In no way did I threaten her or any one else, I just told my story.  She had it removed to protect herself legally and professionally.  The upshot is, if you tell the truth we will have you rubbed out.  Nan has alot to conceal and some of it could lead to big trouble for her profesionally.
The last I heard the young man 'councellor' mentioned above announced to his 'group', which I never attended, that I had to be 'done away with' because I had tried to "take over".  In reality, at his request, I had brought drums and instruments into his group and lead the clients in a musical experience which they continued to ask for 9 months later.
I am telling this story very carefully because I want the facts to go down in public without personal hysterics or a need to retaliate out of hurt.  My efforts to continue my education were ignored and discounted by Nan.  She made important decisions about my case and my potential without ever informing me.  I felt like I was looking up out of her trash can though I had agreed with her at every step about a need for 'better meds'.  She provided no leads, no effective assesment, no referrals and repeated the same lines so many times without awareness of what she was doing that I was ultimately flabbergasted.  When my previously revered honesty came into play within her new place, it became a problem she has gone to ghastly lenghts to repress. Nan gets people into her system and then considers things all taken care of though the whole works are a boring and inadequate dead end.  Many left unhappy.  
 I left Nan traumatized, shattered, disempowered, utterly discouraged and damaged in my ability to trust any councellor.  She refused to forward my records to the physician who had attended me through my treatment with Nan's great blessings and encouragement citing that the professional was unqualified.  We all knew that this person and another client were the only ones who actually were able to help with accurate med. recomendations. Nan and her staff had provided none.  Nan is a social worker who truly believes she is a miracle worker and destroys all evidence to the contrary to the disadvantage of her clients.  There is no doubt in my understanding given the facts that she has provided the state with records created after our envolvement which could damage any efforts I might make to educate myself and work with any credibility whatsoever.  She has been hurtful, dishonest and deceitful.


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