Natalie Francine Grindy

Name:Natalie Francine Grindy
Specialty:Counselor—Mental Health
Review:1 client review
Location:11716 Enterprise Dr
Auburn, CA 95603
Phone: 530-886-5492

Client Review:

1 client review of Natalie Francine Grindy scored 1 out of 5.

don't use her
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by suvivior3, Apr. 20, 2016

she runs an intern mill house and calls it counseling to the clients. they present to have experience and capability to counseling in the area of addictions and abuse, FAR FROM THE TRUTH. It is NOT OK for an intern to be giving counsel to some one who has serious addictions issues and has become abusive when Natalie was addressed concerning my experience she has not only ignored professionalism to receive feedback satiating I was judgmental....NO i consulted several other professionals prior to my call of compliant that stated NO INTERN should have been involved with the situation in my family BECAUSE an INTERN does not have the extensive long term concentrated  training specializing in those areas its detrimental to the recovery process. Natalie does not receive  feedback( she basically didn't want to meet face to face to take a complaint or talk about the situation more or less because I was unable and unwilling to pay)  nor do the interns this place is nothing more than a place to have interns fulfill their hours and claim to know what they are doing when it comes to SERIOUS issues. it is DANGEROUS and irresponsible of healing grace counseling services to operate in this manner. and YES former staff have even made their own complaints on employee site reviews stating similar to my experience, so Natalie and her interns should learn to take responsibility and actually adhere to people concerns and more importantly learn to PROPERLY ASSES their clients. I hope one day the CA state board gets wind of this despicable counseling service, she has no business supervision interns especially ones shes friends with that she cant divide the professional line with she is not properly supervising her interns to ensure they are not taking on clients beyond scope of qaulifaction NO ONE SHOULD EVER GET ADDICTIONS AND ABUSE COUNSELLING FROM AND INTERN ESPECIALLY THIS PLACE ITS DANGEROUS TO NOT GET THE  SPECIALIZED HELP INTERNS CANT NOT REGARDLESS OF WHAT NATALIE SAYS I CHECKED WITH 10 OTHER PLACES BEFORE I CALLED HER SHE AND AMY N AND HEALING GRACE DID FURTHER DAMAGE AND TOOK NEARLY 2,000 FROM A LOW INCOME FAMILY FOR SERVICES AND DID MORE DAMAGE NOT GOOD THIS PLACE IS A CROCK I HOPE OTHERS COME FORWARD AND THE STATE BOARD GET WIND HOW SHE IS NOT PROPERLY ENSURING INTERNS ARE NOT GOING BEYOND WHAT THEY SHOULD BE. SHES NOTHING MORE THAN AN INTERN MILL HOUSE FOR INTERNS TO GET HOURS AND MAKE MONEY IN HER NON-PROFIT

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