Dr. Paula Miller, PhD

Name:Paula Miller
Other Specialties—Psychological Examiner
Location:1407 Union
Suite 1407
Memphis, TN 38104
Phone: 901-509-8468
Fax: 901-509-8470
Is ADHD a problem for you?
You know you are not living up to your potential.
You’re in trouble at school or work because you can’t stay focused.
You procrastinate or can’t finish what you start.
You spend more time looking for things than using them.
You know ADHD is causing a strain on your marriage but you don't know how to fix it.
Your mind goes 100 mph all the time.
You can’t shut your mind off to sleep.
You act before you think.
You often interrupt in conversations.
People are always telling you that you don’t listen.
You lose your train of thought.
You constantly fidget or can’t sit still.
Your ADHD medication does not seem to be doing its job.
It may look to other people that you are not trying at all,
but you know you are trying as hard as you can.

You may feel ashamed to admit these things, but there is no shame in understanding
and accepting the ways that ADHD is affecting you.

Calling us will start you on the road to a better life. Our coaches are well equipped to
help you learn about ADHD and how it affects you. They'll teach you skills
for controlling the negative aspects of ADHD, as well as how to use its benefits, to be
successful at work, at home, and to improve your quality of life.
University of MississippiPhDEducational Psychology1994
Arkansas State UniversityEdSGuidance Counseling and Supervision1989
Arkansas State UniversityMSECounselor Education1988
Arkansas State UniversityBSEElementary Education1979
NameIssued ByDuration
Licensed Professional CounselorTNCurrent
Licensed Psychological ExaminerTNCurrent
Licensed Psychological ExaminerARCurrent
Varies according to service
Monday-Friday by appointment

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