Penni Lane Sears

Name:Penni Lane Sears
Specialty:Marriage & Family Therapist
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Location:1600 Thorpe Rd
Las Cruces, NM 88012
Phone: 505-496-8174

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A Terrible Listener...
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by TruthSetsMeFree, Oct. 17, 2012

Penni was 31 yrs old, had more typically worked as a child psychologist, and did not appear to be well-experienced in dealing with older, more independent-minded adults.  I was looking for a collaborative helper, but Penni seemed overly accustomed to thinking of herself as a person in a position of authority over her clients, who should approach her not merely with due respect, but with acquiescent subservience.  Maybe as a young person I could have done so, but I have too much experience as a high-functioning adult to do so now.

Penni lacked empathy, made very little attempt to understand her client, and her mental focus during our 20 minute conversation was almost entirely self-centered, and overly narrow.  She was very quick to argue, judge, opinionate, assume, and interrupt--and employed very poor listening skills during my session.  Penni was irritable and bossy, and I could barely get a word in edgewise.  Penni seems like a counselor who feels comfortable working with only a very narrow range of clients.  Severe or long term mental health issues will probably be beyond her skills, and certainly her patience.  She may work well with a population who is merely temporarily troubled but actually well, who needs to hear only a "spirited pep talk".  People who are independent and not approval seeking may find this counselor a poor fit and unable to meet their needs--and left with the bizarre sense that they do not meet the intense ego and control needs of this counselor.   Penni seemed to need to work with someone diminutive, less intelligent, and easily controlled.

The lowest point in our session arrived when Penni insisted that Sierra Vista Hospital's Dr. Thomas Thompson's test findings concerning me were inaccurate and untrue because, "He is NOT a Neuropsychologist--and he doesn't even have a real doctoral degree--let alone several PhDs!"--insisting to me that Dr. Thompson had openly misrepresented his credentials to me in person, as well as falsified his closing signature, "Thomas C. Thompson, PhD, ABN, FACPN", "Board Certified Neuropsychologist," on my test report.  Clearly, "Penni is always right," and even when she is wrong, "Penni is still always right," and there is no other perspective to be considered, but hers.  I actually found myself defending the integrity of Dr. Thompson, who has a reputation for possessing all of the Dr./patient manners of a redneck barroom bouncer.  When Penni addressed this disagreement with shrill childish, petulant arrogance--it was the turning point of the session, after which she told me she could not work with me.  It lasted all of 20 minutes, and the best thing about it was that she, in all likelihood, saved me the grief of beating my head against the wall trying to find a way to get along with her.

And it's just as well, because there are far better counselors in the area than this, and you won't have to look too far.  In my experience, Sierra Vista Hospital's Rod Sorrell is a far more professional and gifted counselor than Penni was, by far and away.

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