Does this office prescribe medication?

by Titus on Jan. 13, 2013 in Counseling

My son is 16 years of age. For the last five years he has received services at community mental health department (CMH).
Also receiving medication services with Dr. Liu. Services also included in home counseling (high risk child). My son has had a physiological evaluation with Dr. Fabiano. Findings in Dr.Fabianos eval report were my child in fact has ADD (his pediatrician had found this prior to Dr. Fabiano report). My child also has bipolar. Findings of this was with the pyc eval, and white hills pyc facility. My son also has TBI, and receives special education services. Currently my son takes abilify for the bipolar, and vyvance for ADD. My child is also on probation, and award of the state. My son struggles with stealing/theft,lying,unable to stay in school (history of expulsion), and history of drug and alcoholism. My husband and I put him in rehab. My child has also completed programs ordered threw probation. We have not seen any improvements with any serves our child has been put through. My husband and I have attended marriage counseling, and finding that our son is a "wedge" with in our marriage. This is causing huge problems with our marriage.Our child acts out which causes confrontational fits. He has assaulted me several times, damages the house ( kicking in doors, putting holes in walls, braking windows, as well as death threats (which has been addressed to our local police department, Ingham county youth judges, and this CMH therapist. His behavior and actions also affect the other children in the home, also requires 95% of our attention with him breaking the law, his out burst of fits, and him physically violating his siblings. Our sons probation officer gave us your recommendation for counseling services. We will also need medication services for our child. We look forward to hear from you. We are in need of service as soon as possible.                  

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