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What makes a therapist good?
I just know that some are good and some aren't. Any advice appreciated.
by mr45 on Apr. 20, 2010 in Marriage & Family Therapy
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Does anyone have any suggestions on how to handle abuse by a therapist while in treatment. Does any one know of any books written or published. The...
by therapy01 on Oct. 24, 2011 in Marriage & Family Therapy
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by neelinstev on Feb. 02, 2016 in Marriage & Family Therapy
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law for therapist to contact autorities
My abusive husband see's a MFCC. I have sent the MFCC many messages when I got abused 2010-2015. When do or don't they contact authorities? This hasn...
by Blackwidow on Nov. 12, 2015 in Marriage & Family Therapy
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psychotherapist, editing information
I need to change my contact number. How do I edit information?
by charlottesweb on May. 07, 2015 in Marriage & Family Therapy
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by pantyboy14 on Jan. 01, 2015 in Marriage & Family Therapy
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Breach of Privacy
I went to a public open house in which the seller is a LICSW. I was appalled to see over 100 private client folders completely out in the open as ove...
by concerned4privacy on Apr. 23, 2014 in Marriage & Family Therapy
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Victim is subpoena as witness
My boyfriend has been arrested for DV 3 times. He is now going to trial and he will try everything to discredit me as witness and victim . My questio...
by 5050 on Jul. 17, 2013 in Marriage & Family Therapy
2 answers, last answer: Jul. 19, 2013   1   0
Domestic violence
Is there hope for a recurrent violent behavior? I am in a relationship in which my boyfriend is violent, destructive and steals the things he gives me...
by 5050 on Mar. 22, 2013 in Marriage & Family Therapy
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Does Porn affect marriage?
My husband of 34 years is clearly a voyeur...he spends hours looking at porn sites. Can this affect the marriage when I am noticing he has not been a...
by sadinSA on Jul. 18, 2010 in Marriage & Family Therapy
5 answers, last answer: Feb. 17, 2013   9   1

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