Parental Rights during Teen Therapy

by Dumbfounded on Jan. 22, 2013 in Counseling

Does my 15 years old daughter's therapist, an LPC, NCC have to report to me if my daughter writes a suicide letter and self injures during our summer visitation?  This occured back in late July.  The cause of my daughter's suicidal feelings as noted in the therapist's clinical notes was my daughter's mother told my daughter she was suicidal.  Furthermore, the mother made my daughter cry after three hours of bashing her on the phone.  The result was a suicide letter was written in my house.  I had no idea.  When I took my daughter to her weekly therapy sessions, we were looking forward to a week in Disney World coming up and we were by all accounts enjoying our summer.  I was not told a thing when my daughter came out of the session with the therapist.  There was no suicide plan for safety or contract for safety, and no notification.  The therapist noted risk of self-injury existed, yet I was not told at all.  There were also notes as to the mother drilling my daughter for information about me as well as her mother pressuring her daughter to not come for visitation.  All these things are written in the clinical notes during my summer visitation, yet, I was not notified.

How do I know about the clinical notes?  This therapist filed an affidavit after my child's mother took her to CPS to file a complaint against me!  The therapist who has never spoken to me wrote an affidavit that I was mentally and emotionally abusing my daughter.  She based that opinion on conversations she had with just my daughter's mother and daughter.  She never spoke to me to get the other side.  This stemmed from a parenting moment when I took my daughter's phone from her after she was very rude to me.  This was not an abusive episode at all.

Also, this therapist told my 15 year old daughter that she did not have to come to visitation during our weekends, further complicating matters and feeding into the alienating behavior my daughter and I have had to endure.  When I talked to this therapist, I told her that she had overstepped her bounds by telling my daughter she could decide on whether she wants to come for visitation or not.  She basically told me that she would tell my daughter what she thought was best!  I am floored.  

Did this therapist have a duty to report what my daughter was going through during the summer?  I believe she does.  Also, how she now reports me to CPS, after an anonymous report, that my daughter's mom filed shows me she has lost objectivity.

Result, is an emergency protective order for me to not contact my daughter was filed by CPS.  The testimony in court convince the judge that I could still contact my daughter as long as my daughter wants and I have another hearing coming up where I'm going to try and have the protective order dismissed.  We should be successful.  This therapist crossed the ethical lines and totally made a mess of this situation.  Any thoughts are appreciated.

This has cost me months of anguish and over $7,000 so far.  Now I'm trying to get this therapist deposed and see how to proceed from here.  By the way, I have Joint Physical and Legal Custody.  I told the therapist that and provided copies of the agreement so she could see for herself.  My daughter's mother told her the agreement is not valid.  My daughter's mother is bipolar and a borderline (documented).  I've asked the therapist to look into family medical history and she has not.  I asked the therapist if she was familiar with parental alienation, and she is not very familiar with it, even though she said she was and that she is not seeing parental alienation here.  I'm dumbfounded, but I do understand that she has brought my daughter and her mother into sessions together, while I have not been told of those sessions nor have I had the opportunity to speak to my daughter and the therapist together.

I have called the therapist numerous times to speak with her but with no response.  Last time, she hung up on me.

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Feb. 17, 2013

According to the ACA (American Counseling Association) Code of Ethics, if a clinician believes there is risk of self harm, suicide, or homicide, parental abuse or neglect, elderly abuse or neglect, they must report to DCFS, the police, or if the client is a minor, report to the parent(s) or guardian. This statement is not all-inclusive and I am not an attorney, but this is the general rule a clinician should follow in good practice.

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