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by Helen on May. 19, 2010 in Physical Therapy

How does one search for Physical Therapists who do Home Health Care?  

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May. 25, 2010

Looking for Home Health Care?
There are several large companies that provide home physical therapy.  Many of these companies staff all over the country.  A helpful tool is to find where the advertise for jobs and work your way backward.  Go to and search for PT home and the state.  Further drill down by clicking to your left on Companies.  You will find a host of companies looking for PTs.  These are the companies that provide staffing for those areas and markets.  When I searched I found:  Amedisys, Inc.; Gentiva Health Services; Aegis Therapies.  Stay away from the staffing agencies--headhunters.  They can't help you.  If you happen to call one, ask them if they are a staffing agency or if they are the hiring company.  I hope this helps.

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