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What makes a therapist good?
I just know that some are good and some aren't. Any advice appreciated.
by mr45 on Apr. 20, 2010 in Marriage & Family Therapy
3 answers, last answer: Jun. 02, 2017   16   4
supervision for LPC near Mobile AL
Anyone know of LPC-S to supervise toward LPC? Live in Gulf Shores, work in Mobile...TIA Liz Reinking
by counselorliz on Aug. 06, 2016 in Others
0 answer   1   0
My wife has Short term and long term memory problems. All test's has been coming back negative. We need your help please. I hope you take our insuranc...
by Gerald on Apr. 16, 2016 in Others
1 answer, last answer: Apr. 16, 2016   0   1
clothing addiction
I have bipolar disorder anxiety and ptsd.but I also have an addiction to mens thong underwear.i spend a lot of money on them a wear them everyday for ...
by jason187one on Oct. 19, 2013 in Counseling
1366 answers, last answer: Jan. 21, 2016   4   6
law for therapist to contact autorities
My abusive husband see's a MFCC. I have sent the MFCC many messages when I got abused 2010-2015. When do or don't they contact authorities? This hasn...
by Blackwidow on Nov. 12, 2015 in Marriage & Family Therapy
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Emotional Manipulation
I have researched all information on an "emotional manipulator"..but cannot find "why" a person would do this OR what do they benefit out of emotional...
by Mookey007 on Nov. 24, 2010 in Psychology
2 answers, last answer: Aug. 10, 2015   5   0
Melissa Abraham, LCSW
How do I remove a damaging and malicious review from an unstable parent with anger issues? This is defamatory in nature and abusive.
by Rimkunas on Jan. 19, 2015 in Social work
3 answers, last answer: Jul. 22, 2015   7   1
Where to start with sleep apnea when not going medical or wanting a CPAP? A man age 50, size 2x, 250lbs & not over wight. Have a thick neck with some ...
by brianandrobin on Oct. 07, 2013 in Respiratory Therapy
2 answers, last answer: Jun. 12, 2015   0   1
social worker sudent interview questions
I m a social worker student,this is my interview question can any body answer please. Thank it would appreciate. 1) What is the mission and goals ...
by gena on May. 29, 2015 in Social work
0 answer   0   2
psychotherapist, editing information
I need to change my contact number. How do I edit information?
by charlottesweb on May. 07, 2015 in Marriage & Family Therapy
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