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Melissa Abraham, LCSW
How do I remove a damaging and malicious review from an unstable parent with anger issues? This is defamatory in nature and abusive.
by Rimkunas on Jan. 19, 2015 in Social work
4 answers, last answer: Jan. 02, 2018   8   2
What makes a therapist good?
I just know that some are good and some aren't. Any advice appreciated.
by mr45 on Apr. 20, 2010 in Marriage & Family Therapy
3 answers, last answer: Jun. 02, 2017   16   5
My wife has Short term and long term memory problems. All test's has been coming back negative. We need your help please. I hope you take our insuranc...
by Gerald on Apr. 16, 2016 in Others
1 answer, last answer: Apr. 16, 2016   0   2
clothing addiction
I have bipolar disorder anxiety and ptsd.but I also have an addiction to mens thong underwear.i spend a lot of money on them a wear them everyday for ...
by jason187one on Oct. 19, 2013 in Counseling
1366 answers, last answer: Jan. 21, 2016   4   7
Emotional Manipulation
I have researched all information on an "emotional manipulator"..but cannot find "why" a person would do this OR what do they benefit out of emotional...
by Mookey007 on Nov. 24, 2010 in Psychology
2 answers, last answer: Aug. 10, 2015   7   0
Where to start with sleep apnea when not going medical or wanting a CPAP? A man age 50, size 2x, 250lbs & not over wight. Have a thick neck with some ...
by brianandrobin on Oct. 07, 2013 in Respiratory Therapy
2 answers, last answer: Jun. 12, 2015   1   1
My son had a stroke a year ago this past November. he lost his speech and has regained some of it back. He recently had a mini stroke which he lost h...
by mary60 on Dec. 30, 2014 in Others
1 answer, last answer: Jan. 21, 2015   0   4
I am trying to see if accupuncture could possible help my son. HE is 32, has Fusion at L-5 S-1 with screws and hardware.
by dixidebi1955 on Feb. 13, 2010 in Acupuncture
2 answers, last answer: May. 27, 2014   12   1
Fear of Driving
I am writing because I have had a fear of driving my whole life. I am not truley sure why I cannot get into a car and drive without panicking. I am 23...
by tricia210 on Aug. 02, 2013 in Psychology
1 answer, last answer: Nov. 23, 2013   0   4
Why would a therapist lie ??
After a client experiences a death trauma...goes through hypnosis therapy, trust issues,ptsd, ...tell me, why would you leave this client?
by karnical on Nov. 10, 2013 in Counseling
2 answers, last answer: Nov. 10, 2013   5   1

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