social worker sudent interview questions

by gena on May. 29, 2015 in Social work

 I m a social worker student,this is my interview question can any body answer please. Thank it would appreciate.

1)        What is the mission and goals of agency the worker works for and what services are provided to the clients?
2)        What drew the social worker to be a social worker?
3)        What drew the social worker to this agency and field of practice?
4)        Who are the primary clients of the agency: sex, race, age, etc?
5)        What tasks does the person do?
6)         What aspect of the job does the worker enjoy and what does s/he find challenging?
7)        Has there been an ethical dilemma that has greatly impacted the social worker’s view of his/ her work or the work of the agency or changed their own value system?
8)        What does the worker see as the future of this field: will new training be needed?
9)        How does the social worker do self-care?
10)        Does the agency address social and/or economic oppression?
11)        What is the role of the Social Worker you are interviewing?
12)        Are the services free or is there a fee. If so, is there a sliding scale?
13)        Does the social worker have to collect the fee and how comfortable are they in this task?
14)        What training do they need for this position and to be hired by the agency?
15)        Is there future employment in this field and what is the salary-is a BSW needed to be hired?

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