Rahna Sharp Cutting, LCDC, LPC

Name:Rahna Sharp Cutting
Specialty:Counselor—Mental Health
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Location:121 N Woodrow Ln
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Denton, TX 76205
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by DallasFolks, Mar. 09, 2018

Rahna was appointed to perform a child custody evaluation.
Their verdict was a poor job - a mix of poorly connected statements, with judgement lacking basic knowledge of psychology and no analysis whatsoever.

Lots of favoritism and lack of objectivity may be a sign of corruption, even though I don't have any direct evidence (but plenty of indirect, to be clear).

Let's start from the beginning.

The owner is Ken Cutting, he handles all the communication. He sounds arrogant and rough. He doesn't care, and will press his agenda quite aggressively.
This is the time any sane person would run away from these people.

Next is the evaluation.
You'll be sent endless papers describing this and that - and you'll try to do your best - but no one would actually read your essays.
They'll ask you the same questions as if you haven't addressed them before. But instead of actually reading your writings, they'll randomly ask you this and that cherry-picking your answers to fit in their agenda.

Rahna herself seems to be a nice lady, visually representing Professor Snape from Harry Potter movies, or ather characters played by Alan Rickman - only in a kinder form.

You'll soon find that she acts and talks as a worried grandma, not as a composed and focused professional.
From start, she'll look as a person who has make up her mind about you, but has to listen to your mumbling because of the job and billable hours.

The evaluation is done in a very obscure way by Rahna and her assistants. Talking to them is weird - they seem to miss and omit large chunks of what was said before, so instead of conducting new facts you're repeating the old ones during the visit, making sure they don't miss it.
It doesn't help though, the final result would look as if didn't listen at all.

House visit is another interesting story. If your house is a deep, dead-boring suburbia with Texas sign on the walls and boots everywhere - you may be fine, but if you dare to have some fine art on the wall or a bookshelf with things more than a Bible - that's bad! Having anything alternative next to the Bible (Egyptian mythology, Bhagavat Gita etc.) would earn you a nasty look and a bad review!

Rahna has spotted a pencil _sketch_ - not even a drawing - of two human bodies on the parent's bedroom wall through half-open door - and mentioned it in her review, saying that "exposing pictures of nude people on the walls is a bad influence".
What she didn't notice was the child's book shelf with "Human Anatomy" book upfront, which has more nude  pictures than an average art gallery.

...and so on.

It is laughable, but the result of their poor judgement is vital to your case so don't deal with them.
These people is a court-created welfare in Denton, they don't really care.

Find a real professional with clinical background in psychology or psychiatry.

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* this reviewer had 1 - 2 therapists before.
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Overall Rating
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by TruthPrevails, Oct. 27, 2016

Six years later, after Rahna ignoring the severe mental illness of the step parent, kids are criminals, violent, developed frightening tics due to extreme anxiety, victims of child predators due to parental neglect, allowing boys to play GTA (contains actual pornography) and giving them unrestricted, unmonitored internet access. Schizo stepmom has physically attacked strangers in front of the kids, doing her best to alienate my son (because he's my offspring). BEWARE OF SHARP FOCUS AND RAHNA. Turns out she was friends with my ex's attorney. CORRUPT AS HELL.

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