Dr. Raymond Alfred Jones, LMFT

Name:Raymond Alfred Jones
Specialty:Marriage & Family Therapist
Review:1 client review
Location:541 S Glendora Ave
Suite F
Glendora, CA 91741
Phone: 626-914-1456
Fax: 626-963-3836

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by Brenda, Jul. 01, 2010

A friend referred me to Dr. Jones for general therapy, because we all have some issues.  I thought he was just another therapist, until we met.  He has so many other skills.  When I got stuck in my own therapy, we changed to Hypnotherapy.  What an awesome experience.  Old wounds were healed, and new insight into my life was gained.  I was on narcotics, (prescribed by physicians), but I was very dependent/addicted to them.  One doctor said I was on so much it would stop my heart, so he put in a referral to go to a psychiatrist.  I asked Dr. Jones to help me get off the narcotics before I had to go to a psychiatrist.  He made it the easiest, most comfortable experience ever.  I was so hooked I couldn't go 15 minutes past my dosing time, but Dr. Jones was so skilled, he got me off the narcotics in about 4 weeks with no withdrawls, and no cravings since.  I so highly reccomend him to anyone I meet.  He is so kind, gentle and understanding.  He stands out so far above others in the same field.  Don't even consider seeing anyone else.  I am a woman, and we talked about sexual issues in my past.  I felt totally consortable talking about theses things.  He is a sexologist, and an addiction specialist in addition to being a family/individual therapist.  I was jn treatment with him for a year and a half, and I miss him now.  I know he is helping others as he helped me.  What a great man.

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by Brenda1 2011-11-17 13:40:29
I am Brenda, I wrote the prior review after being manipulated and coerced by Dr. Jones to write this for him.  He is a deviant.  He is being investigated now for many breeches of the code of ethics as well as HIPPA infractions.  Please do not allow yourself to be his next victim.  I am not his first, but hopefully I will be his last victim.  Several people are trying to get his license pulled.  He has no remorse for his actions, and boldly proclaims that he is a Christian.  He is far from the mark, but only God knows his heart.  Please look elsewhere.  There are so many in this profession who will guide you and care for you without making you a victim and crushing your soul.

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