Name:Ronda W Bean
Specialty:Social Worker—Clinical
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Location:211 E Six Forks Road
Suite 219 Ronda Bean Acsw Lcsw Inc
Raleigh, NC 27609
Phone: 919-834-6864
Fax: 919-676-2026

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Hi Ronda - a voice from the distant past who is much appreciative
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by EDBThankful, Mar. 14, 2014

Hi Ronda
  My name is Ed and visited you last year very briefly after seeing you for help for many years past.  With your help I was able to move into my own place in the late 90s.  You also got me hooked up with DBT treatment with your encouragement.  Its been a long ride since the early 90s when I first sought and entered treatment.  I've had many therapists and with much help from doctors I've improved.  I miss you terribly.  At the time you said that you had trouble setting boundaries.  I thought you were an excellent therapist.  I much enjoyed are sessions.  You helped me with a difficult relationship and i'm sure you thought I was somewhat a pain in the ass.  You helped me laugh, cry and think.   I also remember you writing a weekly column for a local paper entitled "Help Me Ronda."  A Beach Boys song I also liked.  You shared with me a lot about you own life which helped me open up a great deal. Not only with you, but my family and group therapy.
  After I was so upset that you had to end our therapeutic client, patient relationship on my birthday.  I fell into despair but eventually found another great therapist.  I still think of you after all these years and miss you greatly.  I've been through a lot but your help and committed time with me in your office and on the phone helped me develop into a better person.  I hope to see you again and thank you in person if you respond.  I know you are still very busy but when I saw you again, you still looked great! I hope you receive this well and hope you are thriving and happy! I wish you much future happiness.
   Ed B

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