Shari G Jacobson, LCSW

Name:Shari G Jacobson
Specialty:Social Worker
Review:2 client reviews
Location:21 N Skokie Hwy
Suite 203
Lake Bluff, IL 60044
Phone: 847-295-6141
Fax: 847-295-6176

Client Review:

2 client reviews of Shari G Jacobson scored 3 out of 5.

not my experience at all
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by roadrunner, Jan. 08, 2013

I don't normally write reviews but I came across the previous review and was shocked as it was in such stark contrast to my own experience with Shari dating back almost ten years ago.  I found her to be a kind, caring individual who was not only a good listener but who have me the tools to improve my life in so many ways.  I am not currently seeing her as I moved away from the area and no longer need therapy, but would again in a heartbeat.

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Be careful before you use Shari Jacobson, LCSW in Lake Bluff, IL
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by DrMelanie, Apr. 24, 2012

Legal disclaimer:  The following is an opinion and should not be relied upon for any decisions.  Patients should make their own decisions about therapy.

Shari does not have sufficient and specific training to address families with sexual abuse, and attempts to treat problems that are outside the scope of her practice.  She isn't even licensed to do the type of psychological testing that should be done in these situations.

We are all against sexual abuse, however, she has her own agenda, and hates men.  She is not interested in doing the right thing.  She rips apart families and the damage lasts for generations.  She goes way back and involves people who were not ever involved in the first place simply because they are members of the family.  This is wrong, very wrong.

Shari does not see the harm she causes to siblings and others who are innocent. The damage she does to families is as great as the child molestors she claims to be against.  

Shari cannot or does not clearly define how she can help a divided family come together peacefully and she seldom works in a respectful manner with other therapists unless they believe in her quack-science approach.  Families end up ripped apart after she has "treated" her patient.  The damage affects the entire family.
Sheri is judgmental and critical of others and allows patients to be mean to others in their family.  She does this by telling them to stand up for themselves and be strong.  This is especially true of women who are being treated for child abuse.  She teaches them to recall memories which is a highly questionable practice and can lead to false memories being recalled.

She leads people to believe their family treats them as inferior in subtle, or not so subtle, ways.  Shari often blames your family, friends, or partner, and encourages you to blame your family, friends, or partner too.

Shari gets her own psychological needs met at the expense of focusing on you and your therapy.  This is a woman with real problems.

Shari cannot accept feedback or admit mistakes. To appear professional, she often speaks in complex “psychobabble” which leaves patients confused, and she focuses on feelings and somatic experience at the exclusion of thoughts, insight and cognitive processing.

Shari would be wise if she would admit she does not have all the answers or solutions to everything and not spend time telling patients how to best fix or change things.

Shari is old school.  She encourages dependency by allowing patients to get their emotional needs met from the therapist. She “feeds you fish, rather than helping you to fish for yourself.”  I have seen her patients messed up for a lifetime.
Shari is very self-righteous and believes that only her counseling approach works and ridicules other approaches to therapy.  Her therapy is highly questionable by most professionals I know.

It is my opinion that you should be very cautious before you use her.

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