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Name:Shirl Kelemer
Specialty:Counselor—Mental Health
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Location:749 N Harper Ave
Los Angeles, CA 90046
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by charlotte1, Jun. 06, 2013

I had high hopes when I made an appointment to see Dr. Shirl Kelemer. She toutes herself as an expert on gay/lesbian issues, accepts my insurance plan, and had an office near my home in the heart of west hollywood. Instead the consultation turned into an almost laughably bad discussion with a woman who seems oblivious to her surrounding.

First off, the exterior of the office might be lovely but the inside, like Dr. Kelemer, is a mess. Crumpled tissues and a check from her last appointment laid under her chair, junky knick knacks strewn over the floor, and the Dr. herself dressed in stained, mismatched pajamas. Still, I don't judge people based on appearence and hoped that underneath the slobbish demeanor might lie a genius.

I came in to help find happiness and the strength to grow my new business. Dr. Kelemer seemed only interested in my sex life, which is one of a single, professional woman dating in Los Angeles. To Dr. Kelemen, life outside of a stable relationship and in casually dating is the life of a sex addict. I've been to a few shrinks for depression when I was younger and anxiety growing older, but I've never been called or even considered I might be a sex addict. I sleep with the people I date when I choose, and don't when I don't feel about it. Within 30 minutes of meeting me, Dr. Kelemen seemed convinced I was not only a sex addict, but a sex addict who needed group therapy for sex addiction. I politely said I would think about it, and tried to change the subject to my career. Specifically, I told her how excited I was to be writing for a wonderful feminist women's website. She rolled her eyes and asked if that meant I was performing sex on the internet. It does not. As a young woman with a BA from a great college and full time white collar employment, I have never performed sex work and find the suggestion sort of ridiculous.
At the end, she said we weren't a good fit because 'she didn't see my dedication'. I couldn't get out of there fast enough.
How the woman can think of herself as a specialist in gay/lesbian issues, or really any issues aside her weird fixation on sex, is beyond me. Maybe there are a lot of gay people seeking a pearl clutching mother figure? Maybe we're so willing to believe anything is wrong with ourselves that we'll take any load from a person with a degree?
If you're looking through Drs and contemplating setting up a meeting with Dr. Kelemen, I'd really suggest looking in a different direction. Any different direction than that unintuitive, unpleasant slob. I never write reviews but my God what a quack.  

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