Dr. Simone Lundquist, PHD

Name:Simone Lundquist
Specialty:Counselor—Personal Improvement & Relationship Specialist
Location:900 E. Hamilton Ave., Suite 100
Campbell, CA 95008
Phone: 408-879-7240
Fax: 408-879-7205
Hello, I'm Dr. Simone Lundquist... Thanks for visiting my profile... I have a Ph.D. and an M.S. in Clinical Psychology, and another Master’s degree and a Bachelors of arts in English literature. I have been successfully helping hundreds of individuals from different walks of life, improve the quality of their life and relationships, overcome the problems and obstacles that were holding them back, achieve their goals in different areas and happily live their Dream Lives for over 20 years.

* Best of Campbell Awards for Counselor 2016 & 2017
• Campbell Business Hall of Fame Award 2017
• VIP Woman of the Year Circle, National Association of Professional Women For excellence & commitment
• International University Lecturer: 7 years of experience teaching at prestigious universities in different countries. Currently teaching at San Jose State University.
• Voted as the most popular professor 5 years in a row
• International Public Speaker: Over 25 years of experience providing workshops, trainings, and panels at prestigious universities, National Alliance on Mental Illness (NAMI), Community Mental Health Agencies such as Momentum for Mental Health, Asian Americans for Community Involvement (AACI), California School of Professional Psychology and San Jose State University and many other...

I am outcome oriented and don't waste time with "chat therapy." I will help you find New Solutions to your Old Problems...

I am also a researcher and have developed a valid and reliable outcome measure (PAQ: Personal Agency Questionnaire) which has recently been published: “Impact of Gender, perception of being overweight and fat acceptance on Personal Agency: Establishing additional validity and reliability for the Personal Agency Questionnaire (PAQ) (Lundquist, 2015).

In addition to collaborating with my consultees in my private practice, serving both US citizens and international and culturally diverse clientele, at non-profit community mental health agencies, I have graduated out of the mental health system, 56 clients with severe problematic thought and mood disorders who are currently leading happy lives, in last ten years.
My new book will soon be published. The title is: It is Possible and You can do it!
Utilizing Unrivaled, Unique Methods with Proven Results, Dr. Simone can help you:

•        Find and resolve what is holding you back
•        Become the person you always wanted to be
•        Achieve your goals and dreams in record time
•        Resolve problems in your current relationships
•        Discover the secrets to happy relationships
•        Attract into your life whomever and whatever you desire

Relationships and the Quality of your Life will not just improve on their own…

People continue doing the same things and, interestingly, expect different results… Just look around and see how many relationships are falling apart even after years of being together when they should actually be closer, right? Look around and see how many people are really unhappy in their life and not achieving their full potential, and have given up on their dreams and have settled for a routine day by day existence…

You need effective solutions that are actually DIFFERENT than anything you have ever tried…
My focus of expertise is to narrow down the situations that are making your life undesirable, to find the true underlying source of the problems, and then design an effective step by step plan utilizing unique technology with proven results to resolve the issues as fast as possible so you can enjoy your life again.
As a Life Improvement Consultant, I have successfully collaborated with hundreds of my consultees from different walks of life to help them improve the quality of their life and relationships, overcome the problems and obstacles that were holding them back, achieve their goals in different areas and happily live their Dream Life for about 19 years.  
As an influential ally, I can help you find out:
1. How to become the Star of your dreams: Re-invent the new you, consistent with your
     values and intentions for life.  
2. How to attract into your life, whomever and whatever you desire.
3. How to solve problems in your current relationship(s).
4. How to free yourself from unhappy relationships.
So you will be able to:
•        Feel passionate and enthusiastic about life.
•        Boldly find your voice: establish your values and intentions for life and effectively communicate them which will enable you to live a life consistent with your values.
•        Manifest your visions.  
•        See your options and possibilities to make life a creative response to your surroundings.  
•        Feel satisfaction, fulfilment and pride because you have achieved what you have wanted and desired.  
•        Eradicate or diminish the negative impact(s) of the problems and traumatic events (self-imposed and other-imposed) in your life.  
•        Cherish the commonalities and respect the differences between you and others.
•        Become balanced and harmoniously integrated so you can attract success, joy and happiness.  
•        Get yourself unstuck from unhappy relationships or relationships that are going nowhere.  
•        Get yourself unglued from fear (of being rejected, ridiculed, laughed at, not liked, judged negatively,…): one of the main barriers between you and your Dream Life.
•        Choose the right friends, associates and romantic partners for you rather than intending to shape others into what you want them to be which almost never works.

For the Business Owners or Corporate Executives:  
If you are a business owner or corporate executive and are dissatisfied with the quality of your life, relationships and/or the growth of your enterprise and want to move to the next level to achieve your potential, if you want to reduce stress in your life, if you are looking for an experienced confidant with mental acuity and keen interest in you to help you isolate the true source of the problems in your life and resolve the current barriers; personal or otherwise, consulting with me might be the right choice for you … As a result, you can experience a happier and more balanced, enjoyable and fulfilling life, as so many others have...

For more information, please visit my website www.beyondlimitswithdrsimone.com and take advantage of my special offer and book your initial consultation with me for only $97.
Meet Dr. Simone...

A few Simple Habits from Dr. Simone's Daily Happiness Checklist

Some Obstacles People Face when they decide to seek Counseling...

California School of Professional Psychology, CSPPPh.D. Doctor of PhilosophyClinical PsychologySummer 2015
San Jose State University, SJSUMaster of Science DegreeClinical PsychologySpring 2007
A.T.U.Master of Arts DegreeEnglish Literature1994
Lecturer, Clinical PsychologySan Jose State UniversitySan Jose, CA2015 to pressent
Life Improvement & Relationship SpecialistBeyond Limits with Dr. SimoneCampbell, CAJuly 2015 to present
ClinicianCenter for Survivors of TurtureSan Jose, CAJuly 2012 to July 2015
Director of Quality ImprovementAdvanced Health CenterCampbell, CAMay 2010 to December 2013
ClinicianMomentum for Mental HealthSan Jose, CAJuly 2005 to May 2010
Developed the Personal Agency Questionnaire (PAQ) based on Narrative Theory and established validity and reliability for the scale.

Impact of Gender, Perception of Being Overweight and Fat Acceptance on Personal Agency: Establishing Additional Validity and Reliability for the Personal Agency Questionnaire (PAQ; Lundquist, 2012).

Insurance:My Clients can apply and use "Advance Care Card" to pay for their counseling hours. ! Advance Care offers revolving credit products provided by leading banks ! Interest free periods are available and include 12 and 6 month programs. The length of the interest free period is determined by the credit history of the applicant ! Instant credit decisions ! Secure on-line, paperless application process
New Client Special Offer
   For Those Determined to Start Living their Dream Life NOW
           Initial One Hour Consultation only $97
           (Value $349)                                                         
This consultation and evaluation session will determine if my expertise is the right choice for you.
This offer includes:
•        A one hour, one-on-one consultation with Dr. Simone
•        An evaluation of your objectives and the situations you want to resolve
•        A report of recommendations and personalized action plan
•        No Obligation
•        100% Money Back Guarantee
My hourly fee is $349; However, my clients have the opportunity to purchase packages with significant discounts)
Monday through Friday
From 10:00 AM to 6:00 PM
Language:English, Farsi, Azarbaijani