Susan D Smith, PHD

Name:Susan D Smith
Review:1 client review
Location:458 Court St.
Reno, NV 89501
Phone: 775-324-1234
Fax: 775-323-2220

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Scared me away
Overall Rating
by 54lp, Mar. 31, 2011

To be honest, I never got to the point of meeting with Dr. Smith.  She was quite frankly, curt and very uptight during our initial phone discussion pertaining to cost, insurance, and appointment times.  Her response to my work hours was that I could pay for a full hour and show up for whatever time was left after the appointment start time.  She said that I was the customer, and the insurance company should tell me how they will pay after 60-90 days of me paying her fees up front.  I felt a bit uneasy at this point, as if she was projecting her experiences with other deadbeat clients in my direction.  When I asked for suggestions as how to best acheive good results with getting paid from the insurance carrier, she said she was very busy and had to go.  I told her that sounded best for both parties and hung up on her at that point.  I honestly felt completely disinterested in any further discussion, "being the customer", or in paying for $135 dollar per hour negativity sessions.  It was a very quick and efficient personality imprint.  These days the Doctorate degree is unfortunately not enough.  Doctors need to take some responsibility for their social behaviors and self awareness.  I am spending time to write this because it was that bad.  Maybe Dr. Smith is a good Dr..  Get some help in the customer service area.  If you run your sessions this way, it has got to be a complete abomination.  Good luck with your practice.  This is your first review and from a very open minded and potentially loyal client that ran away as fast as you could scare 'em.

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