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Name:Suzana Marijan Stankovic
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by Healing2Feel, Aug. 12, 2010

Itís really hard to find a good therapist. This may be because it isnít easy to be a good therapist. What I think defines a good therapist is someone who comes from a place of wisdom and inner strength. I think Suzana is an excellent therapist.

When I first started to see Suzana, I was very hard on myself about a traumatic experience I had been through. After a year of therapy with Suzana- I began to have feel compassion for myselfĖ not self pity. There were times I felt like I was drowning in anxiety and insomnia, psychotherapy sessions with Suzana felt like the only thing getting me through the week. I felt her throwing out a lifesaver in my hour of need.

Suzana was flexible when I needed to see her earlier than expected when I was going through a crisis. Iím sure she was patient when I talked of my fears and anxieties. She has a wide array of skills and is versatile in dealing with a myriad of problems. I didnít just come in with one problem since I had an ongoing struggle I was trying to resolve as well as trauma from years ago.

As someone who has often struggled to express myself, Suzana helped me see the validity of feelings and needs. She validated my feelings, which in turn helped me to improve my relationship with husband. Additionally, she helped me to better understand my husbandís viewpoint. My marriage actually became stronger after seeing Suzana.

Suzana is someone puts aside her own viewpoints and experiences enough to understand your perspective. Suzana had a supportive and compassionate way of listening; I never felt like I was being judged. I always felt like she was would try to understand why I did the things I did, said the things I said and felt what I felt. If I was anxious or angry Ė she didnít simply see me as an angry and anxious person. She tried to find out the whys. She treated my anger and anxiety as only parts of me.

I never felt like she tried to impose ideas or beliefs that didnít fit me. She was quick to get to the heart of the matter as she tried to figure out what I thought was right. She didnít try to mold me into something I wasnít. She would find strengths within me and work from there.

I would notice that she was flexible and open to seeing a problem in different ways. I did not feel her to be rigid- like I had follow some imaginary rulebook that didnít apply to my life. Iím sure as humans that we all have preferences for a certain religion or creed. I always felt like she would look for the positives in my religion (which was most likely different from her own). I believe she is open to various perspectives and understands there is no one way to believe.

I do believe that there is much to learn from a therapist and I learned a lot from Suzana. But I also believe that therapist can learn from patients about their hopes, fears, insecurities, sadness and irritations. I felt like Suzana had that stance with me.

Ultimately, therapy with Suzana felt like a collaborative effort that felt empowering.
Near the end of my sessions with her- when it seemed that my outlook was improving and my anxieties were subsiding, she made arrangements for the sessions to happen less frequently. I never had the feeling that she was trying to prolong my pain or treat the therapy sessions like I was going to be seeing her for years and years. I felt her to have good intentions as she helped me to get better and become empowered enough so that I wouldnít have to rely on therapy for the rest of my life.

The only complaint I would make is that there aren't more therapists like her.

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