Timothy Whelan, PHD

Name:Timothy Whelan
Specialty:Clinical Neuropsychologist
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Location:3300 Main St
Springfield, MA 01199
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by RonnieGirl, Aug. 11, 2012

Doctor comes across as nice,is deceptive and bias. Does not make a patient feel confident seems to tear them down. Sends a negative report and does not send one to person it done for and their insurance is paying. Other doctors felt it odd and some refused to comment on the report and felt it should not have been done on the scale used. It was not the scale they were looking for per illness. It did not gage current cognitive on illness affect. As an ethnic person felt Dr. had a negative opinion due to race. Personal Doctors not sure why Dr. Whelan chose not to consider positive things done in patients life, illness and death of loved one affects. Patient other doctors did not wishe to discuss or review report further. They did not want to hurt, offend on the comments and results. Therapist felt current illness was not considred. Another doctor said patient was much better than test done 10 years ago. That doctor then, also felt testing was not based on the illness and its cognitive affects. Example if patient has numbness in fingers they will not be able to write well,slow speed or pick up objects some hard to hold.

If brain lesions were causing cognitive issues test would not gage well. Previous Dr. felt the same on test done several years ago. That test did not gage for illness. It did not stop patient from trying to do better with the illness they have. Not sure why health condition was not considered, physical level and cognitive level considered. Will not use this doctor in future. Current Dr. will send to another Dr. familiar with illness and affects on the brain at another location that specializes in patients illness and affects cognitively. This doctor may work for other patients.

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