Valery Fradkov, LCSW, Sc.D.

Name:Valery Fradkov
Specialty:Social Worker—Clinical
Review:2 client reviews
Location:71 Franklin Tpke
Suite 1-2
Waldwick, NJ 07463
Phone: 201-497-0289
Fax: 866-850-6432
Welcome to the Psychological Consulting and Therapy. We can help you to regain your psychological equilibrium, improve understanding between you and those important to you, and avoid unnecessary conflicts and confrontations - the major sources of psychological distress.

Most our clients are concerned with their relationships - with family members, friends, neighbors, co-workers, and even strangers. We offer individual, couple, and family counseling, pre-marriage counseling and counseling on relationship closure - an important albeit rarely offered service. We also provide divorce mediation and counseling.

Our special focus is on gifted and creative adults and teenagers with high intellectual abilities. Such people often struggle with loneliness, misunderstanding, underachievement, perfectionism, low motivation, withdrawals, depression, anxiety, and burnout. We are one of very few places where they can turn for help.

For clients with clinical issues such as burnouts, depression, anxiety, abuse and trauma, fears, anger and self-control, personality disorders, and other conditions, we offer individual and group psychotherapy.

For job seekers in that hard economical climate, we offer couseling and training in interview skills and other psychological aspects of finding and keeping a job based on our extensive experience with both interviewing and being interviewed. We will help you deliver, fully and clearly, the right messages about yourself in your resume, at job interviews, and in other situations where the first impression is critical.

Our clinical services are covered by private health insurance carriers (as an Out-of-Network provider). Currently, we are not on any managed care network panel. If you are not sure whether your insurance covers our services, please don't hesitate to call us at 201-497-0069 or email at and we will check your benefits for you. To be able to do that, we will need your full name, date of birth, name of insurance company, the toll-free number on the back of your card, and your member ID number. Alternatively, please call your insurance (the number must be on the back of your card) and ask how they cover the out-of-network mental health services.

Adelphi University, New YorkMSWMental Health05/2006
Russian Academy of SciencesPh.D. in PhysicsTheoretical Physics06/1981
Clinical DirectorPsychological Consulting and TherapyWaldwick, NJ2009 - Current
TherapistCenter for Revitalizing PsychiatryHackensack, NJ2008 - 2009
Counselor and TherapistTri-State Health and Wellness Medical CenterFair Lawn, NJ2006 - 2008
ProfessorRensselaer Polytechnic InstituteTroy, NY1991 - 1996
Stuff ScientistSpace Research Center, NASAHuntsville, AL1991 - 1997
TherapistTraining Institute for Mental HealthNew York, NY2004 - 2006
NameIssued ByDuration
Clinical Social WorkerNJ Board of Social Work ExaminersActive
MemberAmerican Psycholoical Association (APA)2009 - Current
MemberInternational Association for Relationship Research (IARR)2009 - Current
MemberNational Communication Association (NCA)2009 - Current
MemberAmerican Group Psychotherapy Association (AGPA)2009 - Current
MemberInternational Society for Mental Health Online (ISMHO)2009 - Current
MemberNational Association for Gifted Children (NAGC)2009 - Current
MemberAmerican Telemedicine Association (ATA)2009 - Current
MemberMensa International2010 - Current
MemberNational Association of Social Workers (NASW)2009 - Current
Other Location:
Fair Lawn, NJ   201-497-0289
Tenafly,   NJ   201-497-0289
Fort Lee,  NJ   201-497-0289
Insurance:All insurance plans with out-of-network coverage
Sliding schedule available for client with financial difficulties
Upon appointment
Language:English and Russian

Client Review:

2 client reviews of Valery Fradkov scored 5 out of 5.

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by SmartKitten, Aug. 02, 2015

I have been seeing Dr Fradkov for over 8 years now and he has become almost like family to me.  He is the person who I can openly share my concerns and struggles with and who has always supported me through various challenges I experienced over the years.

What I like the most about Dr Fradkov is that he has a very non-judgmental attitude, so I feel at ease with him and can really be myself.  After speaking to him, I always feel more calm, relieved and ready to face the world again.  He is my primary sounding board and I know that I can "vent" to him about anything and receive support that is much better than what I could get from family and friends.  What also helps is that he can relate to many of my work-related troubles, because he used to work in the same office environment in his prior career and knows exactly what I am struggling with.  He often provides practical help, be it critiquing my resume or reviewing my graduate school essay and suggesting edits.

Over the years, I referred multiple people to Dr Fradkov, including my sister and my husband, who have also found working with him very helpful.  My husband and I would at times see Dr Fradkov together and he helped us through marriage troubles and was able to guide us to resolve conflicts and misunderstanding multiple times, often after just one session.  

I feel like he is genuinely interested in my life and really cares about me.  If we haven't spoken for a while, he would often reach out just to check how I am doing to make sure everything is OK.  Whenever I would have an emergency situation and need help, he would always find time to talk to me on a very short notice, even if it is just 15 minutes over the phone.

I highly recommend Dr Fradkov to everyone.  He is the best therapist you could hope to find who will truly care about you and will do his best to help and support you.

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by phillyfootball, Sep. 08, 2010

I have been seeing Dr. Fradkov for about two years. He has been one of the most helpful and influential people in my life. I came to him as an angry, shy and lost sixteen year old. I didn't know what was up, down, or sideways. He has been there for me while my mother was sick and passed away, when I struggled in school and when I didn't know how to deal with my peers. Now, even 9 months after my mother has passed, I am going off to college with a great outlook on life and already am making friends, meeting girls and doing well in school. I do not think I would be in such a state of mind even after such a tragedy without his guidance.

His style in the office is one that I have never experienced before. He lets me talk about whatever comes to mind, and then restates what he thinks he "heard" me say in his own words. This practice allows for analyzing what may be at the root of the situation or the behavior that I dislike or am interested in finding out more about. He is not suggestive at all which really allows for a free exchange. He is highly intelligent and yet never preaches or talks down to me. He has given me his advice when I ask for it on a range of topics unrelated to matters of emotion or the mind. He also has unconditional positive regard for me, whether I tell him about a girl I was with, drugs that I used or about the Spanish gentleman I had a nice conversation with at the Eagles game, he will sit in the chair across from me, looking into my eyes and intently listening for hours.
I feel very comfortable with him and leave nothing out. This is not to say he just listens and doesn't respond. It's that he guides my own self exploration, and helps ME solve MY problems, which is the most effective way.

Despite his busy schedule, he always found time for me when I needed to talk.  Often I am out of town, we "meet" with a video session over Skype.

I have come in to the office with my father and my stepmother and he is able to facilitate talks that have uncorked many years of bottled emotions for all of us. Although none of us like it, we all walk out with hugs and handshakes feeling relieved.

After leaving his office, I always feel much more free and enlightened than when I stepped in. He really is a professional guy, knows his stuff through and through and really does make your hour valuable time.
I highly recommend him with any issue, because somebody that will ACTUALLY listen to you and care, with unconditional positive regard, is worth your time.

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