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Name:William Bazarewski
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A man that works to help people but cares nothing for them
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by TheresaB1014, May. 31, 2012

This councilor doesn't keep notes and can't keep track of what is said by his patients or by himself. How can you trust someone to rebuild a relationship between you and a family member if they cannot even keep track of what is going on in those relationships?  Don't even think to question him, because he will develop animosity towards whoever does, young or old.  How can someone help you if they can develop personal disgruntled feelings towards you, simply for questioning their opinions of the session.  Thats all a therapists recommendations or diagnosis are, educated and professional opinions.  I think it is important to go to someone who is willing to have an open mind when developing these opinions and someone who cares about the client not the check.  If that is what you are looking for, stay away from this man, he is far from mentally capable of helping others. Although if you are looking for a court recommendation he can be swayed by green.  He ended up charging me for more than agreed upon so be sure to get the bill in writing before you let him just bill you!

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by awareness 2013-03-05 02:12:33
This therapist advertises on his website and on the forms in his office, that he firmly adheres to court orders. He does not adhere to the court orders or their stipulations what so ever. He dos not have the professional qualifications to perform custody evaluations. He does not keep treatment records and data private and confidential, not honoring your legal rights and privacy. Talks to people without your authorization, consent or knowledge, violating your HIPPA and civil rights. He ignores his ethical requirements and obligations as a privacy officer of his profession. He keeps children against their will even when they are visibly upset and should be allowed to go home.. He gets visibly angry, yells and threatens children if they do not comply to the agenda of his paying client. He bills outside of insurance for the purpose of getting paid more than the regular fees, while his client receives the recommendation they bought and paid for to use in court in their favor. He has absolutely no regard or appreciation for individual dignity, extended no courtesy or respect. He was very demeaning, excessively cruel and abusive towards the child. If you express any grievances or question his abilities or behavior, he will retaliate by attacking you and specifically relating to you negatively in his recommendation. Fails to maintain professional boundaries and lacks competent insight. The misuse of his influence put a child's best interest and well being at great risk, This counselor was very dishonest and did not hold the child's best interests and emotional well being paramount. I would never recommend him in any way,
by duped 2014-08-31 19:19:46
I wish I had thought to check for feedback on this supposed therapist because I found out to late that he was not qualified to be involved with anything related to court and especially regarding children and custody. I let him know that how he was speaking to and actually threatening my child was unacceptable and inappropriate. He retaliated to this by speaking of me negatively in his recommendation to the court. He did this repeatedly because I dared to question him. He does not take notes and forgets everything from prior sessions. In my case he was paid outside of insurance by the other parent, which was very expensive-so money does buy the recommendation wanted by the     
one paying. He was supposed to recommend a visitation schedule, and gave a recommendation of custody, when he is not qualified to do custody evaluations. He did this after he had told the child that visitation should happen when the child was ready and wanted to get to know the paying parent. The recommendation he gave was to give custody to the paying parent, whom the child did not even know. The child couldn't understand why this man lied to him. This was a devastating experience for my child and I. We have had other therapists since, but this guy really caused major damage for this child to be able to stay with the only parent he has ever known. Sad that money could have this guy to have no regard for the best interests of the child, His financial gain was what was most important. I would never recommend him to anyone, unless you just want to vent to someone that wouldn't remember a word you said. He has back pain issues and believe he takes too many meds to be an effective therapist.  I hope this helps others who may be considering hiring this pompous jerk. Think twice about what you want out of a therapist before hiring this one. He acts nice at first until he's on the payroll, then he could care less.

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